There is no better supplier of pool equipment upgrades in Bradenton and Southwest Florida than Ocean Blue Pool Supply & Services. As your trusted partner in pool care, our supply of Pentair products allows you to choose from the leading pool equipment in the industry. 

With so many possible upgrades you might not even know exist, we want to take the time to inform you on some of the best pool equipment upgrades that can transform your pool into something even more extraordinary. Take a look at five of our most popular pool equipment upgrades, then call us to set up your appointment!

Salt-Based Chlorine Generator

After relaxing in your pool, the last thing you should have to worry about is dry, itchy, and irritated skin. If you still have a chlorinated pool, though, chances are you deal with that problem often. The chemicals in chlorine make this almost unavoidable, and heavy exposure to these chemicals can cause long-term risks over time.

When you switch to a saltwater pool, all of these side effects can be avoided! A salt-based chlorine generator uses common table salt to produce the chlorine your pool needs. This safe amount of chlorine cleans the water while keeping your body shielded against the potentially harmful chemicals in chlorinated pools. 

Saltwater pools are much gentler on your skin and eyes and provide a more enjoyable experience in the pool. Since the generator functions automatically and produces only what’s needed, you will spend far less time on pool maintenance. Contact us today to turn your chlorine pool into a saltwater pool!

Remote Automation

Pool automation is the service you never knew you needed. When you trust us to install Pentair’s pool automation systems, you can have complete control of your pool’s pumps, heating, sanitizing, lighting, and more — all from your phone! 

With control capabilities from anywhere, pool automation allows you to use your pool to its highest capabilities. Do you want to change the water temperature without venturing to your pool control room? No problem. Did you forget to sanitize your pool before this evening’s party? Now you can do it from anywhere! With a plethora of pool automation devices available, you can select what’s best for you and your pool with Ocean Blue Pool Supply & Services.

Heat Pumps

If you’re looking for an energy- and cost-efficient solution to your pool’s temperature control, a heat pump is the perfect option. Plus, the high-performance heat pumps from Pentair are much longer lasting than traditional pool heaters. What’s not to like?

By using electricity and air temperature, installing a heat pump is the perfect solution for residents in Southwest Florida. Rather than wasting your money with operating and maintaining a traditional pool heater, let the balmy Florida sun do the work for you by providing the energy and heat a heat pump uses to operate. Contact us today to learn more about how you can save money and energy by installing a pool heat pump.

Multi- and Variable-Speed Pumps

Upgrading your single-speed or pool pump to a variable-speed pool pump from Pentair can save you time, energy, and money. With a multi-speed pool pump, you have the ability to control how much energy is being used. A pool pump does not always need to run at full speed, but if you have a single-speed pump, it has no choice. 

Thanks to a newer, more advanced motor, you can experience greater energy-efficiency from your pool motor as it can easily transition from slower to higher speeds. Contact the pool maintenance experts at Ocean Blue Pool Supply & Services now!

High-Capacity, Low-Resistance Filters

We offer the most complete selection of pool filters you can find in Southwest Florida with unbeatable customer service. Our supply of high-capacity, low-resistance Pentair pool filters ensures you are getting the best products possible. Choose between in-ground pool filters, above-ground pool filters, pool-filter kits, and filter tanks to make your pool cleaner than it’s ever been. 

Ocean Blue Pool Supply & Services has all the pool equipment upgrades you need. If you’re looking to take your pool to the next level, schedule your appointment with us today!