The most beautiful and balanced pools demand regular attention and care. With Ocean Blue Pool Supply and Services, you can enjoy crystal-clear waters without worry. Our team offers weekly pool maintenance and pool cleaning services that allow you to relax without focusing on the behind-the-scenes tasks of pool maintenance. 

By servicing your pool on a regular basis, you are less likely to encounter major expenses down the road. Here’s how our weekly pool service works:

  • Cleaning — One of the most important parts of our service, we extensively clean your pool to begin the services. This goes beyond the basic skimming of a pool’s surface to remove any floating debris. We also clean the pump filter, scrub tiles and walls of the pool, and vacuum your pool when needed. Phosphate Treatment available upon request. (Recommended once a year)
  • Maintenance — After performing your pool cleaning, we ensure your pool’s equipment is functioning properly and safely. This includes cleaning the skimmer, heat pump, variable or multi-speed pump, and other filters throughout your pool. We also check your pool’s water chemistry and add any necessary chemicals to keep your system clean.
  • Recommendations and Follow-Up — The final step of our process is suggesting any maintenance or repairs we believe are necessary to the health of your pool. By cleaning and inspecting your pool in-depth, we have the knowledge to accurately assess any lingering issues. After every weekly cleaning, we follow up with you to discuss the services we performed, the status of your pool, and any recommendations moving forward.

It’s that kind of commitment and attention to detail that sets us apart from other pool cleaning companies. For more than a decade, our team has provided the best possible customer service and care to pool owners throughout Southwest Florida. 

From basic chemical balancing to performing extensive repairs, we do what the other companies can’t. Get in touch with our specialists today to schedule your first service and see the difference our friendly, experienced team can make!

Customers receive an Automatic Report immediately after Pool is serviced per Email or on Cell phone. (Image below)

Image reflects the Report each Customer receives,evertime is Pool is Serviced